Spray can give the impression that we are looking at photographs
It all starts for Christophe-Gilbert Lequarré in 1990 with a trip to New York. It is by exploring the street of the Big Apple that the Belgian artist — who was then 18 years old — discovers the world of graffiti. It is a compelling encounter that will be like a revelation to him. As soon as he got back to Belgium, he adopted the pseudonym Spyk and went on the street to impose his signature. He progressively developed his technique to create his own trademark style recognizable to all. After twenty-five years of practice, the rendering of his works is more precise and sleek, plus Spyk has developed a technique that is quite singular. Indeed, his works, produced from projections of paint from the spray can, give the impression that we are looking at photographs. Light, whether natural or artificial, appears as a central element of his work.


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