About us

Result of the partnership between two galleries sharing the same vision of Contemporary Art, Extend Gallery has the ambition to promote its artistic selection on the international scene.

Freeing itself from the limits between Contemporary Art and Urban Art, Extend Gallery is happy and proud to be able to rely on the confidence of artists such as Franck Noto, Tanc, Demsky, L’Atlas, Sozyone, SPYK or Guillaume Grando counting among the most promising talents of their generation.

Extend Gallery is above all a meeting between Buronzu Gallery (Liège) and ArtCan Gallery (Paris / Marseille). A common idea, to be the link between artists’ studios and collectors, art lovers. This link is not limited to the simple organization of exhibitions and sales but is rather understood as an invitation to integrate the artistic community and thus interact with its actors.

Our Journey

Artcan Gallery and Buronzu Gallery combine their strength to create Extend Gallery


Diego Escobar worked as specialist post war and contemporary art for auction houses as Tajan and Sotheby's...


Creation of the Buronzu, acting as art dealer and bronze sculptures editors.


Creation of the contemporary art gallery located in Marseille. ArtCan Gallery


Creation of the Buronzu Gallery, a contemporary art gallery located in Liège.


Creation of Extend Gallery, in partnership with Artcan Gallery and Buronzu Gallery


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