Be surprised by his patient research of well balanced color schemes and his capacity of controlling the purity of outlines.

Joos van Barneveld known as DOES, born in 1982 in the Netherlands. International multidisciplinary artist, formerly a professional footballer player, he injured his knee in 2010 and stopped his career to devote himself to his second passion, graffiti. Self-taught, the art of DOES is plural, he will choose the path of typographic exploration to become known from his first solo exhibition “I love Letters” in Sydney in 2011. Drawing inspiration from his travels abroad to diversify his color palette and perfect his techniques, from printmaking, to sculpture, to mural painting and finally collage. In 2020, he will unveil his project BRIQUE, already exhibited in Dortmund and Miami, corresponding to an exploration of forms and work on depth and volumes. DOES remains in constant experimentation, to the point of incorporating 3D in his creations, thus mixing traditional graffiti with plastic arts techniques exceeding the barriers of urban art to reach contemporary art. After his solo show at the ABV Gallery in Atlanta in 2021, he was selected to present a retrospective of his work at Molitor (Paris). Starting out experimenting with drips and cracks to give depth to his work, Does now concentrates his creation on collages that are precise, meticulous and poetic… The Clarity Collage exhibition will also be the occasion of the first presentation of his NFT.


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