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Museum and ecological activism

Two activists from “just stop oil” movement infront of the sunflowers of Van Gogh.

Since october a few groups of ecological activists have made irruption in international museums.


Targeting modern art masterpieces like Campbell’s soup or Van Gogh’s oil paintings, these activists  splashed the art piece with painting to attract the public’s attention. No worries, none of the art pieces targeted have been damaged and the activists know this.

They are looking for a place, a scene for their action, to open, maybe, a dialogue on environmental issues.


Some museums expressed themselves as “profoundly shocked by the thoughtless risk” and asked the cultural institution to be extra vigilant. 

If they succeeded by being under the mediatic attention, the action isn’t approved by everyone.

On social Media a lot of people are outraged and don’t understand the relationship between museums and ecological activism.


But it’s not the first time that the museum are targeted, indeed in 1914, Mary Richardson slashes with a kitchen knife a Velasquez’s painting in support of the suffragette movement at the National Gallery.


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