From music to canvas under expressionism influences
TANC, visual artist and composer of electronic music. Born in 1979 in Paris. He lives and works there alongside his acolytes from the VAO crew, L’Atlas and Jonone. Obviously marked by abstract expressionists like Rothko, Pollock, Reinhardt, Hartung and especially Franz Kline. Whether for his music, his paintings, his collages, everything is a question of spontaneity, he lives, he vibrates, he creates! In a simple and complex action at the same time where the long-matured reflection fades as gestures, movements, give way to instinctive creation. TANC’s work has recently begun a decisive evolution, abandoning somewhat the explosion of color that characterized his canvases in favor of research into the fine shades of blacks, blues and whites. Linear variations and automatic writings today have a central place, not without evoking the work of Henri Michaux. Regularly exhibiting in France, his career has taken on an international dimension with exhibitions in Germany, England, Morocco and New York, raising him to the rank of the most promising artists of his generation.


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