Painter, Sculptor

Realistic or imaginary characters with “cubic” faces, flat areas and electric colors.
Painting, sculpture, music… Pablo Sozyone Gonzalez, from Brussels and of Spanish origin, is a true polymorphic artist, capable of extraordinary technical and artistic prowess. He began his art in the street, being a follower of aesthetic vandalism to become a real pillar of urban culture. His very recognizable style explores linear deformations, realistic or imaginary characters with “cubic” faces, flat areas of electric colors, in opposition to the “conventional academic world”. A tendency to paint an anarchic future, but with finesse, which suggests a future where all is not black. The inhabitants of Liège live daily with its monumental fresco (1,200 m2) « L’Homme de la Meuse », located along the Quai de la Boverie. But his art has already been able to express itself, in particular, through several exhibitions in galleries in Brussels, Switzerland and Germany.


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