Ambassador of a style of painting freely riding down the long road of abstraction, where color is an essence and movement his driving force.

Color, an essence, and gesture, are driving forces. Frank is the ambassador of a painting genre that freely descends the long roads of abstraction. Defying any idea of aesthetic stagnation, he rigorously works to create a piece that synthesizes its various influences. A work that gives life to a unique and identifiable style. His personality, carved in the graffiti culture of the 90s, was quickly enriched with a fascination for abstraction. A communion of gesture and spontaneity, this practice is echoed in his graffiti past and manages to propel him into an obvious contemporaneity. Since his studio in Montpellier, he fully expresses the experimental character that animates him, anxious for his unique style to evolve through a succession of stages. Having as limits only that which he imposes upon himself, the artist continues with assurance and happiness from a career punctuated by travel and projects around the world. Driven by energy and a fervent guardian of graffiti, Frank gives substance to his desire through attributes that leads to areas of creativity and design.


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